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Preparing Entrepreneurs To Bring Christ To Employees.

From MercyWallet Inc
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We are missionaries. We see a gap between businesses with Catholic values ending up seeking personal righteousness instead of bearing fruits of evangelization through spirituality. Our team comes from both startup and corporate backgrounds with a track record of workspace evangelization.

We incubate aspiring and idea-stage Catholic founders who want to build a startup that would advance their divine calling while evangelizing workers. We serve priests, nuns, and lay people in all industries, from Agriculture, Catholic Products, to Artificial Intelligence. We are a small team comprised of diverse backgrounds in various industries. Our strength is in laser deep reflection of all actions taken to be the best approach we can think of to love Christ with all our being without compromise, this resonate to bring others to Christ effectively without much friction. Our advantage comes from our network of successful Christians and Church institutions who have responded to His missionary calling. We are looking for Christ-centered independent thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and reject societal norms, while still being obedient to God & His Church.

Learn how we help our portfolio evangelize by through culture.

Learn how we help our portfolio evangelize through employee resource groups.

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We advise early stage founders in exchange of equity for up to 12 months.


We work intensively with ASPIRING entrepreneurs for 12 weeks to help them discern, finding an idea, testing a market, ensuring profitability early on, finding a realistic long-term ambitious vision, and much more.

You will receive faith & spiritual introduction into entrepreneurship, entreprenerial seminars, and mentors while incubating your idea, all online and in English. Funding is not part of the service. This program cost $1000 & 10% Equity on entry.

For 1 week, you will learn about Christian love & mercy as a base of your existential calling, how to come up with an idea that is based on the love of God, followed by various bootstrap subjects to make sure it is profitable.

Afterward, you will have access to a weekly mentor to make sure you are focusing on the right thing and an optional weekly coaching that will focus on overcoming your deep fear and personal challenges that prevent you from making a progress. Depending on the schedule and availability of our team or other entrepreneurs, you might be invited for a weekly entrepreneurial prayer group.


We only fund startups that will join Catholicer Movement as a Faith Corporation (Catholic Social Enterprise dedicated to God). Contact us if you have a missionary heart to evangelize your employees and exciting and scalable products. We do not give donations, personal investments or loans.