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Preparing Entrepreneurs To Bring Christ To Employees.

From MercyWallet Inc
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We advise early stage founders in exchange of equity for up to 12 months. Please email us if you are interested.


We incubate aspiring entrepreneurs who don't have or are still developing their ideas for about 12 weeks to find a path of profitability. The program costs $1000 & 10% of your company or one that will be formed in the future in case it is not formed yet. Please read our incubation section for more information about the program.



Send us an email with all of the following: (Do not make it graphic, just a plain document or email please)

Include all co-founders with at least 10% ownership of the company in the same application and describe the relationship between you. We will be in touch if we decide to move your application to the next step.


Incomplete Application - we know the a common trait of great faithpreneurs is the ability to self initiate and to listen. We only work with those who are willing follow the required application. Here is a video on what not to do from Y-Combinator when applying to an incubator.

I am in X country - as long as you have a stable Zoom connection & time difference doesn't matter, it is okay. We are in general not available between 11pm-8am PST.

I don't think I have a great idea yet - our main judgement of applicant is not about their idea, as 90% of them will change. We actually love working with those who do not have an idea yet, for they are free in God's presence ready to serve Him without personal pride. We look at people, character, spirituality, and above all, humility.

Do you speak my language - our operation is 100% in English.

I have a non-Catholic co-founder/investor - that's totally fine as long as they agree with our criteria.

I haven't setup my company - we actually encourage you not to start a company in the beginning, our contract is designed to address both situations.

Can I have setup an LLC - we only work with corporations (C/Benefit/SPC).

Can I bring my team to the incubation - fulltime co-founders with >10% ownership only.

Are the terms negotiable - no.

Can non missionaries join - we welcome any Catholics who respect our missions.

Will I get spiritual formation - Catholicer will provide a bit of faith-related seminars, but you are encouraged to join them and make your company a Faith Corporation.

Will you help our operation? - We are neither your co-founder nor your resources, extra services are granted in some cases with extra equity or cash payment.