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Preparing Entrepreneurs To Bring Christ To Employees.

From MercyWallet Inc
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Darren Gozali (Founder)

Darren has been in tech his whole life. Darren owns TV Production, MercyWallet Inc, and boards a few nonprofits. He used to work at Autodesk, Sony Playstation, and Microsoft. He made his own versions of Final Fantasy IV, Windows Media Player, Worm eliminator, and dozends of other apps in 2002.

Matthew Boschetto (Partner)

Managing partner of his family Real Estate LP, Matt is a serial social entrepreneur dealing with emerging markets, especially in the agriculture arena. His partnership skill, due diligence, and door to Africa are great resources to help remote entrepreneurs.

Clarissa Short (CFO)

Co-founder of MercyWallet Inc, Clarissa has a consulting background with A.T. Kearney in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, now is in corporate finance in the BioTech sector, Quidel. She is based in San Diego.

Alexis Oyama (Partner)

Co-founder Oplus in Japan, Alexis is a multitalented entrepreneur who has held a variety of positions in the tech industry. Utilizing his technical abilities obtained through different startups over the years, he helped companies create various partnerships and expanded their client base overseas. Alexis is a proud Carnegie Mellon alumni and enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending time with his kids.

Nesya Fandhi (Expert Partner)

Head of Finance, HR, Payroll, and Accounting in various startups. She came from the construction, assembling, and engineering industries. She had multi-year experience in leading GL Accountant at Huawei Tech Investment where she handled BoD reporting, audit, analysis, and flow design.

Heather Gong (Expert Partner)

AI Research Program Manager at Facebook, Research Manager at a SV startup, BOLD, and Lead UX research operation at Autodesk. She is a systems thinker by nature and is passionate about solving complex problems from a human-centered perspective. Heather came from an Architectural background.

Evy Setiawan (Expert Partner)

Marketing Manager at Fast Retailing (UNIQLO) and a veteran of SOYJOY new food product team at Otsuka. Evy's original background is in the pharmaceutical sector, where she is ensuring various product compliance. She is a leader of a young adult international lay Carmelite community.


We welcome successful business leaders to come onboard and mentor worldwide Catholic entrepreneurs, contact us to schedule a call.


Our advisors contribute their functional, industry, and regional expertise in the discovery, diligence, and ongoing management of portfolio companies.

Ivan Sandjaja

President of Global Entrepreneurial Network in Indonesia.

Felix The

VP of Product at Unity, Former Director at Zynga, AppNexus, & Hawaiian Air.